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About Pater Law, PC

Michigan Family Law and Criminal Defense

Pater Law, PC is a powerful divorce and collections law firm. Our approach is simple: do the best work, get the best results. Our firm is located in Holland, MI, inside of the Skips Pharmacy building.

The attorneys and staff come from unique backgrounds and boast a variety of skills to make you feel comfortable that your case is in the right hands. With us standing by your side even the most difficult cases become manageable. When you need an edge, when OK isn't good enough, call Pater Law, PC.

What We Do

Our firm offers full service litigation in both divorce and collections matters to clients all over West Michigan. Ray is known as an aggressive litigator in Ottawa County, uniquely qualified to represent clients for all matters. For over twenty-five years, our clients bring us a diverse set of cases including divorce, child custody, property division, and collections. There is no question that your case will receive the upmost attention and care.

Divorce Attorney

Divorces are messy. Opposing counsel can be unreasonably aggressive. Our success comes from fighting with brains and brawn, not bluster. When needed, we hire the trusted experts to sort through property and parenting disputes. Using strategic planning, we get the right evidence in front of the judge at the right time.